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GPS Sport Smart Watch MTK2503



The Best Water Proof Smarts Watch


Model NO S929 Smart Watch
Product Categories GPS Swimming Watch 
Main function Professional swimming watch, swimming posture recognition, swimming automatic record lap, GPS,
11 sports modes, heart rate, color screen+touch, IP68 waterproof


Support System IOS8+  /  Android4.3+
Sport model OutWalk(Track, heartrate,mileage, avg pace, avgcadence, consume, time)
InWalk(heartrate,mileage, pace, avgcadence, consume, time)
Cycling(Track, heartrate,mileage, alt change,, avg pace, consume, time)
OutRun(Track, heartrate,mileage, avg pace, avgcadence, consume, time)
InRun( heartrate,mileage, pace, avgcadence, consume, time)
Climbing(Track, heartrate,mileage, alt change, ,avg pace, consume, time)
Swimming(Swimming Stroke ,Swimming Laps, Srtoke, BackStroke, BreastStroke, BurrerflyStroke,
FreeStroke, MedleyStroke, consume, time)
Basketball(heartrate, consume, time)
Table Tennis(heartrate, consume, time)
Badminton(heartrate, consume, time)
Football(heartrate, consume, time)
Settings (unit switching, reminders settings, etc.)
Menu Bluetooth,Find my device, call logs, alarm clocks,APP download, calendars, calculators, sedentary
reminders, Setting, phone books, world time, etc.


S929 GPS Swimming Sport Smart Watch MTK2503 IP68 Waterproof Heart Rate Monitor Pedometer Compass GPS Smartwatch

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