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PCF 720 Flexi Trainer



The PCF 720 Flexi Trainer is the most INNOVATIVE home fitness training system on the market. Truly unique and in a class of its own.

PCF 720 Flexi Training system is extremely effective at toning your entire body.
The All-in-ONE Custom made Resistance Training System, gives Full Body Workouts at Home, when you Travel, and Outdoors.

Build Muscle, Burn Fat, and Improves your Cardio without adding any bulky machines.
What makes the PCF 720 Flexi Trainer so unique, it is truly The – FIRST – Variable Resistance Training System on the market where you have the ability to enhance your Cardio System, Tone and Strengthen your entire body from one piece of equipment that is completely portable. Designed and assembled in the USA.

  • With the PCF 720 Flexi Trainer you can – Create full-body workouts Anywhere, Anytime!
  • It was designed for ALL Fitness levels, You will be able to achieve ALL Health & Fitness Goals!
  • Build Muscle, Burn Fat, Strengthen your Core, Increase Endurance & Improve Flexibility to Look & Feel Your Best!
  • VARIABLE RESISTANCE TRAINING is the Cornerstone of the PCF 720 Flexi Trainer Philosophy.
  • Develop limitless variations while Progressing at Your Own Speed!
  • The Flexi Trainer easily anchors anywhere indoors or outdoors (to trees, poles or posts)
  • Weighing  roughly 1 pound, which helps add a little more resistance to your workout.
  • Our cable clamps have been Safety-Tested to Support up-to 850 Pounds of Resistance Pull!
    • 2 Special designed Flexi handles,
    • 2 100 lb resistance clips,
    • 4 High Grade resistance bungee cords made in the USA (1/4, 3/8, 1/2),
    • 8 Stainless Steel Rings made in the USA,
    • 1 Door Anchor,
    • 1 Carry Bag,
    • 2 Special designed Ankle Straps,
    • 4 High quality and resilient resistance cord covers….


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